ATT is Terrazzo Masters


Since 1957, American Tile & Terrazzo has been crafting and installing the finest terrazzo flooring to meet the architectural and design needs of the Gulf South. From humble beginnings, our company has become the go-to resource for uniquely crafted commercial terrazzo and tile flooring and beautiful installations. Through the years, our business has grown and evolved, and as we celebrated our 60th year in business, we felt that it was time to make a change that will better represent the company we have become and the hard-working dedicated staff who labor here.


American Tile & Terrazzo is Terrazzo Masters


We think you’ll agree that our new brand better represents the artisanal hand-crafted products we manufacture, install, and maintain for our customers. All of our craftsmen learn our trade by  mastering a variety of skills while working within a mentoring culture unique to our company. Today, our master craftsmen and installers utilize a variety of specialty equipment and technology to create attractive and durable walkways, floors, stairs, panels and specialty installations by exposing chips of stone and other special aggregates in the surface of finished cement or epoxy resin.

We are proud of our rich history and the name that has taken us this far along, which is why we have incorporated the “American” red and blue into our new company logo. The Terrazzo Masters’ shield represents the unmatched durability and quality of the products we produce, as well as our good name and reputation that backs up each and every finished product we deliver.

The decision to change our branding wasn’t made lightly. We worked with an experienced team of brand marketers, utilizing their re-branding process to ensure everyone’s opinions here at ATT/Terrazzo Masters were recognized, and all suggestions and concerns were considered in  our final decision. We are excited about the future ahead of us, and we believe having a brand like Terrazzo Masters to represent our work and our people is necessary for reaching our goals of growth and success.

In the upcoming months, you will begin to see the changes we are making to our signage, uniforms, marketing materials, communications, website, and tradeshow presence. We want to assure you, however, the Terrazzo Masters are still the same group of skilled and dedicated professionals you have come to trust for your commercial construction projects.

Please bear with us as we move through the process of changing out our logo and all of the other materials we have adopted through the years. We appreciate your support and patronage, and we invite you to follow our progress towards fully realizing our new branding on our social media pages and website.