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The General Contractor & Terrazzo: The Reputation vs. The Reality

Sep 27, 2016

From the National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association Issue No. 11, Autumn 2016

Terrazzo’s reputation of hand-crafted luxury has been solidly built on the traditional sand cushion, cement-based terrazzo still found intact in historic structures around the country after 100-plus years. It’s logical to assume that such a high-end finish won’t come...

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American Tile & Terrazzo is Terrazzo Masters

Aug 11, 2016

Since 1957, American Tile & Terrazzo has been crafting and installing the finest terrazzo flooring to meet the architectural and design needs of the Gulf South. From humble beginnings, our company has become the go-to resource for uniquely crafted commercial terrazzo and tile flooring and beautiful installations. Through the...

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Flood Proof Flooring

Jul 11, 2016

How New Orleans Floors Weathered Hurricane Katrina

When Hurricane Katrina tore through New Orleans on Aug. 29, 2005, it took over 1,500 lives. The costliest natural disaster in U.S. history, property damage was estimated at $81.2 billion. Some 80 percent of the city and vast sections of neighboring areas were...

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Limitless Colors… Ultimate in Design & Performance

May 04, 2016

With virtually unlimited design options and color palette, and the ability to form intricate and unique strip designs, terrazzo can be as visually impactful as it is practical. In recent years, new developments with cement pigments, epoxies and acrylics have continued to make terrazzo ever more cost-effective, high functioning and...

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