Preconstruction Design Services

Terrazzo Masters offers pre-construction services for Architects, Designers, General Contractors and Owners.

Our goal is to assist you with construction project management in regards to the flooring and surfacing elements of your project (planning, coordination, estimating and cost control). Our experienced pre-construction team brings decades of materials and constructibility knowledge to assist with design decisions and costs, evaluations (such as life-cycle costs), studies, value engineering, value analysis, scheduling, constructability reviews, and more regarding the viable options for your project’s flooring and surfacing.

In delivering pre-construction services, here is an overview of how we can help make your project a successful one:

  • Assist with Budget and Project Schedule.
  • Assist with Design Decisions, based on our Experience and Capabilities.
  • Review possible solutions: Terrazzo, Resinous Flooring or Polished Concrete.
  • Establish a Specification for the Scope of Work.
  • Assist in development of other Construction Documents.
  • Evaluate Life-Cycle cost and provide comparison of any possible options.
  • Discuss possible Phasing Requirements.
  • Obtain Supplier Budget Estimates.
  • Prepare Scope Description & Schedule of Values.
  • Provide Unit Costs for various items Selected or Necessary.
  • Identify possible Value Engineering or Cost Saving Alternatives.
  • Evaluate LEED, Green or other “Sustainability” Requirements and make materials recommendations.
  • Check Availability and Lead Times of Building Systems, Materials & Equipment.
  • Create Custom Samples for Review and Product Color or Finish Selection.
  • Provide a Budget Estimate based on Pre-Construction communications.

Contact us for more information about our pre-construction services or to discuss details of your project. We are available for complimentary pre-construction services on projects for which we are an invited bidder, or available for contracted pre-construction services for projects upon which we cannot bid. Our contracted services are an affordable way to get the Terrazzo Masters Team of experienced flooring and surfacing experts working on your project even when the project is outside of our construction services area. We want to be your resource for Terrazzo, Resinous Flooring and Polished Concrete solutions, so contact us with questions.