Terrazzo Masters

Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy

Challenge Solved

Despite a short construction period of 12-months and the uncertainty of working under Covid-19 protocols, Terrazzo Masters were still able to perform all flooring scopes of work for the 3,300 sq ft of the 125,000 sq ft building. We not only executed Poured Terrazzo, Precast Terrazzo, Resinous Flooring and Polished Concrete scopes throughout the building but also inset a 12’ x 12’ specialized Terrazzo logo on the lobby floor.

Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy

2504 Maine Ave | Metairie, LA 70003
Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects | Palmisano Contractors
Friends of Discovery Health Sciences Foundation, Inc

The Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy is a new three-story educational facility featuring 53 classrooms, library, multiple science labs, teaching kitchen, simulated hospital room, music room, digital media room, cafeteria, and full kitchen. There were two consequential challenges with this project: the tight deadline of 12 months and the more burdensome Covid-19. Terrazzo Masters performed the Poured Terrazzo, Precast Terrazzo, Resinous Flooring and Polished Concrete scopes on the project (70% of all flooring). This was a huge undertaking of personnel and equipment to do so simultaneously. We worked long hours, seven days of the week to follow the schedule. Because of Covid-19 in the final stages of the project, we had to be cognizant of how many people were working in the space at a time meaning we all had to work in shifts around the clock.

In addition to the differing floor processes, we created a 12′ x 12′ Terrazzo school logo inset in Terrazzo lobby floor. The logo is a focal point while walking down the Terrazzo stairway in the lobby and can be seen through the second floor. Although the logo only consisted of two colors, each color had a gradient from dark to light in a continuous pattern. Without using divider strips for the gradient changes, Terrazzo Master’s skilled artisans hand poured and blended the logo utilizing the same epoxy color but different concentrations of glass aggregate a total of 6 times for each of the two basic colors. At the end of the project, a smaller version of the school logo was created as a wall hanging piece and presented to the school director.


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