Terrazzo Masters

The Odeon at South Market

Challenge Solved

The Odeon displays a Scandinavian/ Mid Century Modern design focusing on simplicity, minimalism, and functionality making Terrazzo a clear choice for the building.  Working with an already accelerated schedule, the building was then flooded due to a mechanical failure. Terrazzo Masters was able to promptly adapt, repair the damaged floors, and finish the project to our high standards.

The Odeon at South Market

1100 Girod St, New Orleans, LA 70113
Humphreys & Partners Architects
Woodward Design + Build
Domain Companies

The design for The Odeon “draws on the minimalism and warmth of mid-century Scandinavian design, the rich colors of the French Quarter, and written music for pattern inspiration. Following this motif, the flooring includes white, grey, and light pastel with a divider strip design consisting of long and short length dashes of 1/8” and 1/2 “wide brass accents representing a music composition. The setback of the flooding occurred after a weekend of installing the moisture treatment, primer, crack membrane, and 80% of the brass dividers. All of which had to be removed, down to bare concrete due to not being sufficiently cured prior to the standing water. The building had to be adequately dried out and then the entire process began again. With an even more accelerated schedule now, we worked nights and weekends to ensure flawless flooring to match The Odeon’s mission of offering “a community where style and wellness are harmonically at home”.


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